Free Software Movement has arrived on the National Scene !

The founding conference of Free Software Movement (FSM) was held at Bengaluru on March 20-21, 2010 which marked a historic development in Free Software Movement in India. Sixteen Free Software Movements (FSMs) working in various states and sectors came together and decided to form a National coalition of FSMs in this two-day National conference.

The conference was attended by 286 delegates from all over the country. The total participants in the conference, including the delegates is 1826. This is the highest number of participation in a free software event in the country. Eighteen parallel sessions have been conducted that dealt with policy issues, free software models and more.

After extensive debate, the conference adopted a document describing the aims and objectives of the organisation, the scope of activities and structure of the organisation. The conference unanimously elected a General Council of 69 members, an Executive Committee of 28 members and 9 office bearers to finalise constitution, other formalities and for the functioning of the organisation.

The office bearers are
Joseph Thomas

General Secretary
Kiran Chandra

Vice Presidents
Prof Gopinath, IISc,
Prof. Debesh Das
Prabir Purkhayastha

Jay Kumar
Dr. Nandini Mukherjee

Pratap Reddy


Some of the major aims of FSMI are :

  • Take forward free software and its ideological implications to all corners of our nation from the developed domains to the underprivileged
  • Creating awareness among computer users in the use of free software
  • Work towards usage of free software in all streams of sciences and research
  • Take forward implementation and usage of free software in school education, academics and higher education
  • Work towards e-literacy and bridging digital divide based on free software and mobilising the underprivileged
  • Work among developers on solutions catering to societal & national requirements
  • Work towards a policy change favouring free software in all walks of life
  • Stop any penetration of software patents and methods which restrict the development, usage and percolation of knowledge

FSMI considers all organisations working for free software, free knowledge, free science & technology and free society as allies and intends working with them closely. It also invites such organisations to join FSMI.